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Storm Repairs

Catastrophic Emergencies
National and local Emergency Toll free at      1 (888) 391-3473
Residential and Commercial

Catastrophic Situations are those where whole communities are effected such as in the case of;           


Zion responds to all of these emergencies with multiple crews and most advanced equipment. We provide immediate 24hr response at 1 (888) 391-3473, securing business and homes. We can restore a property owner and set them on the right track to recovery immediately by security, recovery of valuables, shelter, and liaison services with sources such as insurance companies, red cross, hotels, food banks and much, much more.
What to do if you are in a Catastrophic Situation;

  • Find and locate in person all persons related to the business or home for physical safety.
  • Seek shelter notify emergency personnel if necessary.
  • Secure the property, and locate valuables such as documents of ownership and insurance.
  • Contact a Properly Certified Restoration Contractor and your insurance company.

1 (800) 391-3473
Zion Restoration also offers a business preparedness plan that can be tailored to your company. By performing an on-site inspection, we can prepare an emergency business plan made specifically tailored to your business so in case of a major emergency for you and your staff. With this plan Zion Restoration will be able to be able to prepare your business for prevention and restoration in a moment’s notice. Zion Restoration keeps you plan on file in our office so should an emergency arise you are already on your way to recovery of business in one phone call.


“They worked very hard, fast, and very professionally with Kevin keeping watch to make sure everything was done, done right, and in a timely manor.  We could not ask for better service or better people to take care of our problem.  Thanks to all of you we now have a beautiful floor and we are happy with the quality of work.”

William and Marion Marzion, LIVONIA, MI